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Feb, 2022

Field Clean Up Day - Saturday 2/26

There's a lot of stuff we're hoping to get done to prep the fields for the season. We know we won't be able to get to all of it, but if we have a lot of people show up, we can achieve quite a bit. Below is a list of all of the general improvements we're hoping to make to the fields this season. If there are particular areas you'd like to help with on Saturday, we have a SIGN UP SHEET where you can let us know.

We have everything from general cleaning, sweeping, and weeding to repairing fences and replacing wood sections on dugouts. There's something for everybody.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jordan Stoiloff and he can answer just about anything.

To Do:

Parking Lot:

  • Replace top fence rails along parking lot. 
  • Landscaping (Jordy’s crew).
  • Replace fence post overlooking Major’s field and straighten fence.
  • Repair Chain Link fence at the west quadrant near Solar Panels
  • Power Wash Connex box. 

Spectator Area:

  • Leaf blow seating area and concrete area around seats and club house. 
  • Power wash the same area. 
  • Paint the exterior club house.
  • Repair stucco around girls bathroom and adjoining retaining wall to the East.
  • Deep Clean floors, walls, toilets, sinks, and stalls of boys and girls bathroom.
  • Consider painting bathrooms. 
  • Replace toilet flappers/flushing mechanisms.

Minor’s Field:

  • Replace top fence rails on Minor’s Field near shade screen.
  • Secure, replace, and paint Dugout wood. 
  • Power Wash Dugout and clean benches and cubbies. 
  • Replace yellow fence post pads. 
  • Replace yellow fence toppers where needed.
  • Secure green wind screen.
  • Weed field.
  • Weed bull pen. 
  • Repair/re-stucco brick veneer along visitors side of backstop.
  • Fill and tamp bull pens
  • Paint Dugout?
  • Secure padding in minor’s field bull pen.

Major’s Field:

  • Secure, replace, and paint Dugout wood.
  • Power wash Dugout and clean benches and cubbies.
  • Re-secure dugout fence. 
  • Replace yellow fence post pads.
  • Replace black backstop pads.
  • Replace yellow toppers on right field and wherever else needed.
  • Secure green wind screens.
  • Weed field.
  • Weed pen.
  • Fill and tamp bull pens.
  • Paint Dugout?

T-Ball/Batting Cages:

  • Weed T-ball field, bull pen, and batting cage area.
  • Screen/secure screen around bull pen. 
  • Move green picnic table to the T-Ball area tot he west of the field.
  • Repair bleacher wood.
  • Move Bleacher behind T-ball left field. 
  • Move 2 blue picnic tables to area near snack bar.
  • Move extra wood and supplies over to the Connex box.
  • Remove and replace old tattered screen from exterior batting cages. Replace screen starting at the west end and work counter clockwise. ‘


  • wood lags.
  • green paint (dugout).
  • wind screen ties.
  • fencing.
  • bathroom and snack bar cleaning supplies.
  • work gloves.
  • ladders.
  • pliers (fencing).
  • yard tools (rake, broom, etc…).
  • Paint rollers, paint brushes, paint trays.


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