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For players age 8 - 11*, the AAA division is the first division where players are required to attend player assessments that are followed by a draft (players age 8 or 9 who are not drafted by a AAA team will play AA). It's all kid pitch, scores and standings are kept throughout the season, umpires call all games, each team fields nine defensive players, and base runners may attempt to advance (or steal) as soon as a pitched ball reaches the hitter. Players are guaranteed to play at least six outs in the field in games that last four innings, and nine outs in games that go longer. An inning ends with the earlier of three outs made or five runs scored. Each AAA team will participate in the post-season VLL Tournament as well as the Vista City Tournament. A team that wins either of these tournaments will qualify for the District 70 Tournament of Champions. As well, players in AAA become eligible for All-Star selection. [ASSESSMENTS AND TOURNAMENTS ARE SPRING ONLY]

*Note: All 10- and 11-year-olds will be eligible for the Majors draft, and all 11-year-olds will be eligible for the Intermediate draft. Any 8- and 9-year-olds not chosen in the AAA draft will be asked to attend AA assessments. [SPRING ONLY]

Q: What equipment do I need to provide for my AAA player?
A: The league will provide team hats and jerseys. Players will be responsible for having the following items:

Bat (see USA bat requirement info below)
Fielding glove
Batting helmet
Baseball pants, belts, socks
Protective Cup (boys only)

Once your team has been assigned its color scheme, you can purchase pants, socks, and a belt accordingly.

Q: When do Spring practices start?
A:  Practices for AAA are scheduled to begin the week of February 6 (subject to change). 

Q: When do Spring games start?
A:Tentatively, we are planning to have first games on Friday, March 3, and the season will end on or around May 6. The regular season will be followed by our annual AAA tournament to determine the division winner who will go on to represent VLL at the District 70 Tournament of Champions.

Q: Can I make a “buddy” or coach request?
A: No. In AAA, player assessments and a draft process are used to determine placement to help ensure parity among teams and that kids are playing at appropriate competitive levels. [DURING THE FALL, WE DO OUR BEST TO HONOR COACH AND BUDDY REQUESTS AS BEST WE CAN]

Q: What is a typical week for AAA?
A: There will be one 90-minute field practice and one 60-minute batting practice during the week. There will be one weeknight game and one game on the weekend (Friday night or Saturday). Exact practice days will be determined by our practice scheduler.

Q: What types of bats are allowed?
A: In AAA, all bats must be USA Baseball certified, which will be indicated by the USA Baseball logo on the bat. Anything else is illegal for Little League play. If you’re buying a bat for a relatively  new player at this level, try not to spend much more than $80. A clerk at any sporting goods store should be able to suggest an appropriate bat for your player.

Q: Are scores and standings kept?
A: Yes, scores and standings are kept, though they have no bearing on tournament seeding. This is done on a randomized basis.

Q: I have a friend who has a child who wants to play. Is there still time to register?
A: It depends on if there is room on a team. We try our best to accommodate every child who wants to play at Vista Little League, but sometimes we are unable to do so when people register too late. 

Q: Who are the managers and coaches?
A: At this level, though still all parents with kids in the league, almost every manager and coach has at least a couple years of youth baseball coaching experience.

Q: What is the goal for AAA?
A: At all levels of Little League, the ultimate goal is for the player to want to return the following season. In AAA, the level of competitiveness is kicked up a notch. It is entirely kid pitch, there are 9 defensive players in the field, and base stealing is introduced. This is also the first time that winning the league tournament has meaning beyond VLL as the winner will represent the league in District 70's Tournament of Champions. As well, AAA players will be eligible for post-season All Star selection. Regardless, skill development and having fun remain the top priorities.

Q: Besides managing, coaching, or being a team parent, how can I help the league? 
 Every board member, manager, coach, etc. is a volunteer donating their time to make the league function. We are always looking for people within our membership to contribute their unique skill sets (professional and otherwise) in keeping our facilities and operation in good working order. The more help we get from within our community, the more we can invest in maintaining the type of environment we want for all of our kids. 


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