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For players League Age 7 - 10*, the AA division gives players an introduction to "kid pitch," keeping score, and tournament play. During the first three innings of each game, a pitching machine is used with the same five-pitch limit as in Single A. Starting in the fourth inning, the machine goes away and the kids pitch. There are strikeouts, but no walks. If the count on a hitter reaches four balls, the hitting team's coach will come out and throw the batter a maximum of three additional pitches. Each team fields 10 defensive players. Teams with more 10 players will evenly rotate players who will take turns sitting on the bench. As in Single A, each inning ends with the earlier of three outs or batting through the entire lineup. Scores are not kept during most of the season, but two weeks before the AA Tournament is set to begin, the scoreboard is turned on and umpires take the field. Though there is no tryout for AA, there is an assessment held so that players are evenly distributed across teams based on skill level. [ASSESSMENTS AND TOURNAMENTS ARE SPRING ONLY]
*Note: We recommend that all 10-year-olds play in either AAA or Majors unless they have never played baseball or any other sport before.

Q: What equipment do I need to provide for my AA player?
A: The league will provide team hats and jerseys. Players will be responsible for having the following items:

Bat (see USA bat requirement info below)
Fielding glove
Batting helmet
Baseball pants, belts, socks
Protective Cup (boys only)

Once your team has been assigned its color scheme, you can purchase pants, socks, and a belt accordingly.

Q: When do Spring practices start?
A:  Practices for AA are scheduled to begin the week of February 13 (subject to change). 

Q: When do Spring games start?
A: Tentatively, we are planning to have first games on Saturday, March 4, and the regular season will end on or around May 6. Following the regular season, all teams will participate in our annual AA tournament to determine a champion for the season.

Q: What is the age range for AA?
A: 7 - 10 years old. Though most players in this division will be 8 or 9 years old, we allow advanced 7-year-olds to play as well as 10-year-olds who have never played a sport before. If your 10-year-old is new to baseball, but has played other sports, we would encourage you to sign him/her up for the AAA division. Kids at this age tend to develop their skills quickly and catch up to their more experienced peers faster than you might think.

Q: Can I make a “buddy” or coach request? 
A: No. Starting in AA, player assessments are used to determine placement to help ensure parity among teams and that kids are playing at appropriate competitive levels. [DURING THE FALL, WE TRY TO HONOR BUDDY & COACH REQUESTS AS BEST WE CAN]

Q: What is a typical week for AA?
A: There will be one 75-minute field practice and one 60-minute batting practice during the week (batting practice is based on availability of cages, upper divisions receive priority). There will be one 90-minute game during the week and one 90-minute game on the weekend (Friday night or Saturday)Exact practice days will be determined by our practice scheduler.

Q: What types of bats are allowed?
A: In AA, all bats must be USA Baseball certified, which will be indicated by the USA Baseball logo on the bat. Anything else is illegal for Little League play. If you’re buying a bat for a brand new player at this level, try not to spend much more than $30. A clerk at any sporting goods store should be able to suggest an appropriate bat for your player.

Q: Are scores and standings kept?
A: For most of the season, the scoreboard will remain off. About two weeks prior to the start of the AA tournament, we will turn the scoreboard on. Standings are not kept at this level and tournament seeding is decided by random draw.

Q: I have a friend who has a child who wants to play. Is there still time to register?
A: Yes there is! We try our best to accommodate every child who signs up to play at Vista Little League, especially in the lower divisions. 

Q: Who are the managers and coaches?
A: Parents like you. Every manager and coach on the field is related to a child on that team. Managers, coaches, and any other adults who participate with the players on the field at games and/or practices must pass a background check as well as a brief online concussion awareness course. A few parents come in with a working knowledge of how to coach baseball, but the overwhelming majority do not. We will provide training and practice plans for any parents willing to give their time. It is absolutely one of the most rewarding experiences you can have with your child. Most of the managers and coaches in the upper divisions started out just like you with some basic knowledge of the game and, over time, have become very adept at higher levels of instruction. If you understand what happens in a game when you watch it on television, you have more than enough proficiency to coach at this level. If you don't feel that you can coach, being a Team Parent is another great way to actively participate.

Q: What is the goal for AA?
A: At all levels of Little League, the ultimate goal is for the player to want to return the following season. In AA, we introduce the players to kid-pitch and a slightly more competitive environment. The first three innings of each game is machine pitch, and it switches to kid-pitch for the remainder of the game. Unlike Single A, there are only 10 defensive players on the field at a time, so the kids get their first experience of sitting on the bench when their team is not at bat. To ensure equal playing time, managers are required to rotate players each inning so that no one sits on the bench a second time during a game until every other player has done so.

Q: Besides managing, coaching, or being a team parent, how can I help the league? 
 Every board member, manager, coach, etc. is a volunteer donating their time to make the league function. We are always looking for people within our membership to contribute their unique skill sets (professional and otherwise) in keeping our facilities and operation in good working order. The more help we get from within our community, the more we can invest in maintaining the type of environment we want for all of our kids. 


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