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2022 Safety Plan



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2022 Safety Plan for Vista Little League located:

600 ¾ Optimist Way, Vista, California 92081


Table of Contents


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Table of Contents


Active President/Safety Officer Contact Information

Safety Manual Distribution


Contacts/Emergency Phone Numbers


Board Of Directors - 2022


COVID-19 Guidelines




Volunteer Application


Fundamentals Training


Manager’s Clinic/Rules Review


Safety/First Aid Training/ First Aid


Concussion Training


Concussion Information Sheet – HEADS UP (pg. 1)


Concussion Information Sheet – HEADS UP (pg. 2)


First Aid at the Field


When Treating and Injury/First Aid Kits


VLL Safety Code


“Don’t Swing It” poster


Walk-Inspect Field


Fix Facility Faults for Season Success


Field Maintenance & Safety Checklist/ Facility Survey


Concessions Stand Information/Requirements


Volunteers Must Wash Hands


Concession Stand Tips


Equipment Inspection


Accident Reporting


AIG Insurance


Little League Rules


Manager and Coaches Code of Conduct


Baseball Pitchers Rules Update


Qualified Safety Plan Registration Form/League Player Registration Data











Active President and Safety Officer

(On file with Little League Headquarters)



Kara DeWitt

Home Address:

2023 Applewood Lane

Oceanside, CA 92056

Cell Number:


Email address:

[email protected]


Safety Officer:

Ryan Blair

Home Address:

3430 Pirgos Way

Oceanside, CA 92056

Cell Number:


Email address:

[email protected]




VLL Website:




Safety Manual Distribution


Vista Little League will post an electronic copy on our website as well as distribute a paper copy of this Safety Manual to all Managers, Coaches, Volunteers and the District Administrator upon request.




Contacts/Emergency Phone Numbers

This list will be posted in the concession area and dugout areas.


Emergency/Non-Emergency Phone Numbers


Vista Sheriff’s Department:


Non Emergency

(760) 940-4551

Shadowridge Office:

(760) 597-2600



Vista Fire Department:



(760) 643-2801



Shadowridge Security:


North County Patrol

(760) 940-2776



Other Key Contacts

Optimist Club:

(760) 598-4907



SDGE: Emergency Only

(800) 611-7343



SDGE: General Line

(800) 411-7343



Vista Irrigation District: Emergency Only

(760) 597-3131



Vista Irrigation District:

(760) 597-3100



Vista Parks and Recreation:

(760) 726-1340





Kara DeWitt

(575) 680-6849


Jared Thompson

(760) 622-9997


Melissa Weston

(760) 419-2169


Niels Schroeter

(760) 803-3368

Player Agent

Andrew Zanzig

(760) 583-6898

Optimist Representative

John Coutts

(760) 801-2642

Safety Officer

Ryan Blair

(760) 492-3850

League Infor. Officer/Comms

Niels Schroeter

(760) 803-3368

Umpire in Chief

James Coney

(760) 518-6098

Juniors Rep/Intermediate Rep.

Grant Jobe

(760) 807-8776

Majors Representative

Jared Thompson

(760) 622-9997

AAA Representative(s)

Keith Sedgwick

(760) 803-3368

AA Representative

Brian LaVigne

(760) 583-6898

A Representative

Andrew Zanzig

(760) 583-6898

T-Ball Representative

Niels Schroeter

(760) 803-3368

Grill/Snack Bar Manager

Grant Jobe

(760) 807-8776

Uniform Coordinator

Kathy Hammack

(949) 280-2078

Equipment Manager

Eli Deruyter

(760) 520-9502

Event & Fundraising Coordinator

Kathy Hammack

(949) 280-2078

Sponsorship Coordinator

Jordan Stoiloff

(760) 978-0807

VLL Board of Directors - 2022

COVID-19 Guidelines


VLL will follow CA State Dept. of Health and local government guidelines as it relates to managing practices and game play in relation to COVID-19.  VLL is committed to the safety of its baseball community.


VLL will keep in mind these best practices as well:








VLL Volunteers


VLL will use JDP, the Official Little League to screen ALL of our managers, coaches, adult umpires and volunteers mainly via its online application portal.  A copy of the written application is attached to this Safety Plan as a back up only.


You can go online to:





You can also go fill out a manual application (if need be):




A list of all the approved volunteers will be posted in a prominent place at the Vista Little League facilities.

Also, a desired goal, but not required is to have each approved volunteer wear an ID badge during practices and games as an additional safeguard for our little leaguers.



 Baseball Fundamentals






Players Skill Clinic

When:  February 19, 2022 @ 10:00 am

Who:  All Players

What:  Run through basic drills, warm-ups and exercises to get the season started off right! 






Pre-Assessment & Rules Meeting

When:  January 25, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

Who:  All Upper Division Managers (Intermediate, Majors, AAA)



When:  February 12, 2022 @ 8:00 am

Who:  All Lower Division Managers (AA, A, T-Ball)

Vista Little League will require at least one Manager/Coach from each team to attend. Every Manager/Coach must attend this meeting once every year.





Single A & T-Ball Coaches Training

When:  February 12, 2022 @ 9:00 am and 10:00 am

Who:  New Lower Division Managers and Coaches


Topics for Clinic:


Pass out “Starter” kits





Collaborative infield and outfield


Catcher Drills






Safety/First Aid Training


When:  Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 7:30 pm

Who:  Upper Division Managers (Intermediate, Majors, AAA)


When:  Friday, February 18, 2022 at 6:30 pm

Who:  Lower Division Managers (AA, A, T-Ball)

Vista Little League will require at least one Manager/Coach from each team to attend. Every Manager/Coach must attend this training once every year. The Safety Officer will conduct the training at VLL Board Room (held in conjunction with the Managers/Coaches rules meeting).



  • Recognize and properly treat all concussion related injuries and cardiac arrest symptoms
  • Recognize a true emergency, and act on it
  • Maintain Composure in stressful situations
  • Properly treat various types of injuries
  • Cuts, scrapes, bruises, fractures, and breaks
  • Proper form to report injuries, etc.


Additional Training Requirements:

  1. 1.Concussion Protocol Training

(see pages 13-14 for Concussion Forms via Heads Up)

  1. 2.Abuse Awareness Protocol Training

  1. 3.Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Protocol Training


Vista Little League will require each Manager/Coach from each team to complete the above training once during their managerial or coaching tenure with VLL.  The Safety Officer will track the progress through the Team Parent representative.






When Treating an Injury










First Aid Kits


  • Manager
  • Snack Bar
  • Board Office



Each team Manager will be issued a First Aid Kit and is required to have it at every practice and game.  The league also provides a First Aid Kit that is accessible from the Snack Bar.

VLL Safety Code

1. Be Alert

2. Check Playing Field for Any Hazards

3. Wear Proper Equipment

4. Ensure Equipment Is In Good Shape

5. Ensure 1st Aid Is Available

6. Maintain Composure and Control of the Situation

7. Maintain Discipline

8. Safety Is a Team Sport

9. Be Organized





Walk/Inspect Field

Coaches will be required to walk/inspect the fields prior to practices and games.

Umpires will also be required to walk to fields for hazards before each game.



Field Maintenance & Safety Checklist

  • Field Condition
  • Dugouts
  • Spectator Area
  • Catchers Equipment-Bats & helmets & gloves which don’t comply with LL regulations are removed from the field of play
  • Safety Equipment
  • Players Equipment

At the pre-season manager meetings, all managers with VLL will review with the League UIC necessary LL safety items including dangling throat protectors and chest protector flaps.  The UIC will review safety issues related to bullpen activities as well as in game activities.  It is emphasized together with the coaching contracts signed by all managers that LL rules apply both during games and when at any practice facility.  No manager or coach is approved without their prior guarantee to adhere to these rules and regulations.

A Field Safety Checklist should be completed before each practice and game.

Checklists are available at our league office.

It can’t be addressed if nobody knows……

Managers are educated on completing the proper incident reports in the event of an accident.  Copies are provided during the pre-season manager meetings to all managers.







Concessions Stand Information/requirements


Menu shall be posted and approved by the League President and Board Members.

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022 a training course will be held for all team parents and volunteer workers regarding safety in the snack bar.  This includes proper procedures for food handling as well as preparation and procedures.  VLL has produced a “snack bar handbook” which describes in detail the operations of all equipment as well as contact information for both emergency and non-emergency situations.  The book is placed daily in a prominent position in the snack bar for quick and easy reference.



Equipment Inspection

The League Equipment Manager and or Safety Officer will inspect all equipment in the pre-season.

  • Managers/ Coaches will inspect equipment prior to each game.
  • Umpires will be required to inspect equipment prior to each game.



Accident Reporting

The league will use the provided incident/ Injury Tracking Report form that Little League International provides online.  It is a requirement by VLL and Little League International that the Safety Officer will be given this form within 24-48 hours of the incident.  Please see a copy of the Accident Reporting Form.


AIG Insurance

Little League offers additional coverage in the event that the player’s personal insurance doesn’t provide coverage for an accident.  Again, this coverage is only available in the event of non-coverage from personal insurance.  The information must be provided to eh Safety Officer and submitted within 20 days of the accident.















Little League Rules

Vista Little League will require ALL TEAMS to enforce ALL Little League Rules, including Proper Equipment for catchers.

  • Players will have required equipment at all times including catchers that are warming up during infield.
  • Managers/ Coaches will enforce rules during practices and games.
  • All fields have bases that disengage.
  • Coaches and managers must not warm up pitchers. Let Players Catch. 


  • RULE 3.09 

“...Managers or coaches must not warm up a pitcher at home plate or in the bull pen or elsewhere at any time. They may, however, stand to observe a pitcher during warm-up in the bull pen.”



Manager and Coaches Conduct

The responsibilities, expectations, and conduct of VLL’s managers and coaches are outlined in detail in VLL’s Local Rules document.  The Safety Plan highlights a few items to ensure the fun and safe playing environment we all want for our community of baseball players and their families.  Some of the required codes of conduct are (but not limited to):


  1. The Manager has total responsibility for the operation and conduct of the team in accordance with Little League Rules and local rules established by the Board. Failure to comply with these objectives and the rules described herein can result in up to, but not limited to:
  1. Written warning
  2. Suspension from games
  3. Termination of position
  1. The team Manager or Coach is responsible for staying with players until they are picked up by a parent or guardian from any team function.
  2. The Manager must teach both good baseball and good sportsmanship. The Manager is accountable for the game behavior of the team's players and team coaches. Good sportsmanship and positive comments toward the players and umpires is required.
  3. Profanity on the field is not permitted and is grounds for suspension.
  4. Both team Managers and coaches are responsible for maintenance of the field both before and after the game.


* See Section 4 of VLL’s Local Rules titled Duties and Responsibilities of Managers and Coaches for more details and information.


Qualified Safety Plan Registration Form

The Qualified Safety Plan Registration Form will be attached to VLL’s Safety Plan.


League Player Registration Data

Or Player Roster Data and Manager/ Coach Data

League Player Registration Data or Player Roster Data and Manager/Coach Data will be submitted via the Little League Data Center at










Vista Little League
600 3/4 Optimist Way 
Vista, California 92081

Email: [email protected]