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 Volunteer Code of Conduct

Youth sports programs play an important role in promoting the physical, social, and emotional development of children.  As managers, coaches and other volunteers in Vista Little League you should be models of good sportsmanship and behavior for your child and all children in the community including participants and spectators alike.

The Vista Little League Board of Directors asks that you pledge to be responsible for your words and actions while coaching, officiating, and participating in Vista  Little League events, and that you conform your behavior to the following Code Of Conduct:

- Remember that I am a youth sports coach/volunteer and that the game is for children, not adults.

- Place the emotional and physical well-being of my players ahead of my own desire to win.

- Understand that the objective of the Vista Little League is to promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, respect for authority and team building.

- Strive to help my players become happy, well-adjusted children who will evolve into good citizens.

- Treat each player as an individual, realizing the large range of development for the same age group.

- Realize that statistics and win/loss percentages are minor in comparison to whether a player has a positive, enriching experience.

- Lead by example in demonstrating fair play and good sportsmanship.

- Notify the spectators that they are responsible for abiding by the Code of Conduct, an integral part of the Vista Little League and a player registration requirement.

- With the assistance of a team parent, handle all administrative requirements of the team.

- Spend the time necessary with my team at practices and games, and do my best to organize play that is fun and challenging for all players.

- Do my best to provide a safe playing environment, free of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

- Review and practice the basic first aid principles needed to treat injured players.

- Learn the official Little League mandates and the Vista Little League regulations. Teach these rules to the players, and enforce them with the parents.

- Be responsible for the proper use of all assigned equipment, facilities and uniforms. Return all equipment on the date specified by the Equipment Manager at the end of the season.

- Understand that the Board of Directors is committed to assisting coaches/volunteers while running a program based on what is best for all participants.

- Understand that any of the following actions, while in the presence of players, will result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors up to and including removal as Coach (or Assistant Coach)/volunteer of your team:

1) Display of poor sportsmanship or disrespectful behavior, including arguing or baiting the umpire

2) Loss of temper and/or self-control

3) Demonstrating an obvious lack of integrity by intentional manipulation of the rules

4) Playing children less than the minimum play requirements

5) Use of bad language, including derogatory remarks made toward players, umpires, or other adults

6) Allowing players to trash talk opponents, umpires, or spectators

- Use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco while around the team

I also agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be subjected to disciplinary action levied by the Vista Little League Board of Directors or Code of Conduct Committee that could include, but is not limited to the following:

·   Verbal warning

·   Written warning

·   Manager/coach/volunteer suspension for games

·   Manager/coach/volunteer season suspension

·   Manager/coach/volunteer removal from all league activities

The Vista Little League Board of Directors retains the sole authority to determine what, if any, disciplinary action is appropriate for any conduct infraction.


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