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Q: What are the boundaries for Vista Little League?

A: If your child lives or goes to school within the boundaries that previously made up Vista National or Rancho Buena Vista Little Leagues, he/she is eligible to play at Vista Little League. Click here to enter your address in the League Finder tool to find out.

Q: What if my child played at VNLL or RBVLL on a ii(d) waiver, is he/she still eligible to play at Vista Little League?
A: Yes, as long as he/she hasn't missed registering for consecutive Spring seasons at VNLL or RBVLL since moving outside of the boundaries.

Q: My child is an age that qualifies him/her to sign up for different divsions. What should I do if I'm not sure which one to choose?
A: If your child is eligible to play in an upper division that has age overlap (AAA, Majors, Intermediate), sign him/her up for the division that you feel he/she is best suited for and the one that would be your preference. The assessment and draft process helps ensure that players end up in the division that's right for them and will ultimately determine the division in which your child plays. At assessments, players are grouped by age, not necessarily by the division they signed up for. For instance, if you have a League Age 10-year-old that you signed up for AAA, there's a chance that he/she could be drafted by a Majors team. Same with an 11-year-old who signs up for Majors and is drafted into Intermediate. If you're signing up for TBall, A, or AA, choose a lower division if your child is new to the game (or sports in general), and higher if you feel he/she is experienced or athletic enough to move up.

Q: What if my child is new to the game and the divisions he/she has the opportunity to choose from are beyond his/her skill level? Are there options to "play down"?
A: You would be surprised how quickly kids in this age range who are brand new to a sport will catch up to their "more experienced" peers. We always encourage parents to keep their players in their designated age groups unless, of course, there are special circumstances which we are always happy to address.

Q: What if I think my child is the next Mike Trout? Are there options to "play up"?
A: Not really. One of the great things about recreational youth sports is that you play them with other kids around your own age and grade level. Just because a child may excel beyond his/her years at athletics doesn't mean that he/she has matured as fast in other areas of life. Not to mention, the higher the division, the later the midweek practices and games could be, which will impact when your kids go to sleep. We have purposely aligned our divisions this season to allow players to start all-kid-pitch sooner than prior years. It's possible, however, that there may be occasional circumstances where playing up could be a consideration.

Q: What is VLL's refund policy?
A: Vista Little League incurs costs each season, including but not limited to utilities, groundskeeping, equipment purchases, uniforms, registration processing, and other year-round operating expenses  The VLL refund policy is as follows and all requests MUST be submitted in writing to the VLL President. Communication through managers/coaches/volunteers will not be accepted.

Refunds (less administrative/processing fees) are available upon request based on the below schedule:

*Refund requests prior to the pre-season registration deadline for any season or clinic will be honored (less any administrative/processing fees)
*If the pre-season registration deadline has passed and a refund request is made prior to Opening Day/First Game of the division your child is placed in/First Day of a Clinic - a refund will be honored at a 50% rate (less any administrative/processing fees)
*Refunds after Opening Day/First Game/First Clinic will not be honored, no exceptions.

Q: My child is on the wait list. How will I know whether or not he/she will be placed on a team?

A: If a spot opens up, you will be notified by email. It's difficult to know what the chances are of being activated from the wait list which is why we encourage families to sign up as early as possible. Unfortunately, we are limited by the number of fields we have available to us as well as by the number of parents who step up to manage teams. Although our policy for admitting wait list players to the league is on a first-come-first-served basis, we will consider moving players up in priority if, prior to team assignments being made, a parent or guardian is willing to manage a team and is approved by the board to do so.

Single A & T-Ball FAQ

Q: Can I make a “buddy” or coach request?
A: Yes! For these two divisions, teammate and coach requests are accepted and honored as much as possible. To do this, go to your account profile, click the edit icon next to your child's name, and you'll be taken to a page where you can input the requests. If there’s a case where we have more requests for a particular coach than we can accommodate, we do the best we can to place players where they’d like to be. In all other divisions (AA and up), player assessments are used to determine placement to help ensure parity among teams and that kids are playing at appropriate competitive levels. If you register or make your request after teams have been assembled, you will be assigned to a team based on roster needs and it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate teammate and coach requests in these instances.

Q: When do Spring 2021 practices start?
A: Single A practices will begin the week of March 22nd and T-Ball will begin the week of April 5th.

Q: When do Spring 2021 games start?
A: The week of April 5th. 

Q: What is a typical week for Single A during the Spring season?
A: Single A will have one 75-minute field practice and one 60-minute batting practice during the week. The general start time is around 5pm, but this can vary a little bit. There will be one 75-minute game each Saturday morning, with the possibility of an early evening Friday game on occasion. Exact practice days will be determined by our practice scheduler and will usually remain consistent once established.

Q: What is a typical week for T-Ball during the Spring season?
A: T-Ball has one 60-minute practice during the week (5pm) and one 60-minute game on Saturday morning/early afternoon. 

Q: Can I request to be on a team that has a practice day that suits my schedule?
A: Unfortunately, no. We have over 350 players spread out among 30 teams and you have to take what you get.

Q: Where will games and practices be?
A: We have two facilities where games will be played: the Optimist Fields (600 Optimist Way, formerly RBVLL) and the Stonebrooke Fields (143 Hannalei Drive, formerly VNLL). T-Ball practices will either be scheduled at one of the two facilities or at Shadowridge Park which is located above the Optimist Fields on Lupine Hills Drive. Once games begin, Single A practices will usually take place at Breeze Hill Park (adjacent to Breeze Hill Elementary School on Melrose Drive), though it’s possible that they may be scheduled at one of the two main facilities. This is determined by where we have available space.

Q: What equipment do I need to provide for my player?
A: The league will provide team hats and jerseys. Players will be responsible for having the following items:

Fielding glove
Batting helmet
Protective Cup (Single A)

Once your team has been assigned its color scheme, you can purchase pants, socks, and a belt accordingly.

Q: What types of bats are allowed?
A: In T-Ball, any bat that is 26” or less in length is allowed. In Single A, all bats must be USA Baseball certified, which will be indicated by the USA Baseball logo on the bat. Anything else is illegal for Little League play. If you’re buying a bat for a brand new player at this level, try not to spend much more than $30. A clerk at any sporting goods store should be able to suggest an appropriate bat for your player.

Q: I have a friend who has a child who wants to play. Is there still time to register?
A: Yes there is! We try our best to accommodate every child who signs up to play at Vista Little League, especially in the lower divisions. There are, however, some rules that don’t allow for adding players in the upper divisions once certain dates have passed.

Q: Who are the managers and coaches?
A: Parents like you. Every manager and coach on the field is related to a child on that team. Managers, coaches, and any other adults who participate with the players on the field at games and/or practices must pass a background check as well as a brief online concussion awareness course. A few parents come in with a working knowledge of how to coach baseball, but the overwhelming majority do not. We will provide training and practice plans for any parents willing to give their time. It is absolutely one of the most rewarding experiences you can have with your child. Most of the managers and coaches in the upper divisions started out just like you with some basic knowledge of the game and, over time, have become very adept at higher levels of instruction. If you understand what happens in a game when you watch it on television, you have more than enough proficiency to coach at this level. If you don't feel that you can coach, being a Team Parent is another great way to actively participate.

Q: What is the goal for T-Ball and Single A?
A: At all levels of Little League, the ultimate goal is for the player to want to return the following season. These lower divisions are designed to give kids a simple introduction to this incredible game. Scores are not kept, no one is benched, and everybody plays multiple positions during the season. It’s all about having fun.

Q: Besides managing, coaching, or being a team parent, how can I help the league? 
 Every board member, manager, coach, etc. is a volunteer donating their time to make the league function. We are always looking for people within our membership to contribute their unique skill sets (professional and otherwise) in keeping our facilities and operation in good working order. The more help we get from within our community, the more we can invest in maintaining the type of environment we want for all of our kids. 


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